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Court Date Set For Men Charged In Reported Attack

April 20th is the court date for two men, one from Blackstone, one from Dinwiddie, on rape charges. Polcie say 29 year old Cameron Mayton of Ridge Road in Blackstone and 28 year old Robert Davis of Cox Road, are behind bars in Charlotte County without bail. They’re accused in a rape report earleir this month around Drakes Branch. Police say the vicitm is a 28 year old woman but there are a number of questions about where and when the alleged incident took place. Police haven’t said if the suspects and the victim knew each other previously.

Go Fund Me Page Set Up For Young Girls’ Families

A Go Fund Me page has been set up for the families of two children who were struck and killed while walking on a local roadway Thursday. Police say 5 year old Tori Perez and 6 year old Jaiden Bartee died from injuries sustained in the accident on US Route 15 as they tried to cross the highway. Organizers say the account is being started to help with expenses incurred by the families. For those who prefer, dponations can be dropped off at 24478 Prince Edward Hwy. in Rice. Police say the driver of the rig tried to brake when he saw the girls but the rig was loaded and traveling downhill at the time. No word on charges against that 66 year old driver.

Five Counties getting Grants

Five Virginia counties are getting grants to help extend broadband access in rural areas. Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s office says nearly $945,000 in grants will go to Albemarle, Augusta, Bland, Gloucester and Greensville counties.

Dairy Producers

One of the largest family owned dairy producers in the country will spend more than $40 million to expand its milk manufacturing operation in August County. Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced Wednesday that Shamrock Farms is also planning to boost its purchase of Virginia milk.

Mumps at Henrico School

Henrico County School officials are confirming that a student has the mumps. Parents of students at Shady Grove Elementary School are being cautioned that other students might have also been exposed to the ailment. Symptoms include headaches, body aches, fever and swollen and tender glands in the jaw. If a child has the symptoms they should be taken to the doctor.

Culvert Drains lake

Residents of Powhatan County’s Red Lane subdivision are trying to repair a drain culvert that drained their lake. The lake dried up more than a year ago when the aging culvert gave way, emptying the lake within hours. The mess is not only an eyesore, but a safety hazard as the county fire department relied on what was Lake Louise as a water source to put out fires and home owners have seen their insurance rates go up. The community is working to raise 18-thousand dollars to make the repairs.

Man interfered with Officers

Authorities say a man is facing charges after he interfered with police officers and EMTs during a medical emergency. Henrico County police say the incident happened Monday on Evergreen Avenue. Police say when they went to arrest Derek Wayne Wright he resisted and attacked them. No one was injured.

Gibbs Sentenced for Child Neglect

Physician John Gibbs is spending six months behind bars after he was sentenced for child neglect of his five-year-old son. Gibbs is also charged in Chesterfield County with murdering the mother of his son, Zulma Pabon, who has been missing for three years. Gibbs is scheduled to be back in Court April 11th for a hearing on the murder charge.

Coal Industry

President Donald Trump’s move to roll back Obama-era regulations on climate change is unlikely to turn around the coal industry any time soon. Experts say coal’s biggest problem isn’t pollution rules but cheap and abundant natural gas. Also, mining has become more automated and needs fewer workers than it once did to extract a given amount of coal.

Online Buying

Online buying is changing the areas retail landscape. Bebe, a chain of women’s fashion stores, is closing its location at Stony Point Fashion Park as it closes more than 150 stores nationwide. Bebe announced last week it’s shifting its marketing and sales solely to online.