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ATV driver, passenger leave police in their wake

A couple of people on an ATV that police are calling ‘snow bandits,’ managed to get away from a pursuing police officder in Blackstone during Friday night’s snowfall. The Courier Record reports police say the chase started on North Brown Street near McDonalds when an officer tried to pull over an ATV that was on the roadway. Instead of pulling over, the ATV driver took off down Main Street, then onto Yellow Bird Road, where the driver and a passenger shook police a couple miles downt he road. It’s illegal to operate an ATV on the streets.

Blackstone Food Lion workers found; one dead, one behind bars

A tragic and fatal ending to the story of a Food Lion worker and her boyfriend whom police say embezzled money from the the store where they worked. 32 year old Crystal Redd is behind bars in Georgia in connection with an armed robbery last week that resulted in the police- involved shooting death of her boyfriend Jim Redomond Jr. Both disappeared on November 20th when store officials say Redd, seen on video, left the store with what they say was money from the store safe, then returned to finish her shift. The two had been missing ever since.

SEC offers storm safety tips

SEC members are urged to make the necessary preparations for prolonged interruptions of power resulting
from the winter storm. These preparations include preparing an emergency kit that contains the following:
flashlights, extra batteries, a battery-powered radio, water, non-perishable food items, alternate sources of
heat and emergency contact numbers. Filling vehicle gas tanks and fully charging mobile phones ahead of
time is highly recommended. For more information, please go to: Also, stay away from downed power lines or fallen trees/limbs that may be in close proximity to power lines. Do not to attempt to move downed lines under any circumstances, and exercise extreme caution around any damaged electrical infrastructure. Please report any damage to the Cooperative and/or local law enforcement in the event of an emergency.

State of emergency decared as heavy snow moves in

A state of emergency has been declared for Virginia as the state preps for an incoming winter storm threatening to bring heavy snowfall to the Washington area and the Northeast. The declaration from the governor authorizes state agencies to help local governments in response to the storm. Also, a blizzard watch is in effect for portions of Virginia. The National Weather Service says the watch area stretches from Fredericksburg to the Washington, D.C. suburbs. Those areas could get up to 2 feet of snow along with strong winds and whiteout conditions tomorrow night and Saturday. Dominion Virginia Power says it is getting ready to deal with downed power lines and other problems that can crop up with heavy snowfall and high winds.

Boil water order in Victoria

The Town of Victoria, in conjunction with the Lunenburg County Health Department and the Office of Drinking Water, are advising residents to use boiled tap water or bottled water for drinking and cooking purposes as a safety precaution. This precaution is necessary because of a waterline break. To repair the break, the elevated water tank has been valved off which has resulted in no water pressure throughout the distribution system.Boiled or bottled water should be used for drinking, beverage and food preparation, and making ice until further notice.

First female mayor in Nottoway County won’t run again

She became the first woman to serve as a mayor in Nottoway County, but Sally Wilkerson, the current mayor in Crewe, says she won’t seek re-election. She was elected last year after having served on Town Council and being elected Vice Mayor by council. She had run for mayor before but lost in 2008. She did not run in 2012. The 69 year old Maryland native announced last week to council that she will not run again.

Food Lion worker Crystal Redd found in GA

The Blackstone Food Lion worker missing since alllegedly stealing money from the place in late November, has been found and taken into custody in Lowndes County, Georgia. 32 year old Crystal Redd was missing for so long, concerns had surfaced about her well being. Police think she stole thousands of dollars from the store safe where she worked, put the money in her car and then finished off her shift on November 20th before taking off. Also on the lam was fellow store worker Jim Redmond Jr. Police aren’t saying if he was apprehended as well, according to the Courier Record.

Marston cleared of disorderly conduct

Ex House of Delegates candidate Greg Marston has had a disorderly conduct charge against him dismissed in Nottoway General District Court. The judge in the case told the Courier-Record that while Marston may have been inappropriate questioning the school enrollment status of his campaign manager’s children in a school drop off area, what happened doesn’t rise to the level of disorderly conduct.

South Hill Police warn of scammers

South Hill Police are warning residents in the area about scammers trying to separate them from their money. They say there are a number of phone scams that appear to be happening locally with callers pretending to be from a utility like the power company or either the IRS. The callers demand immediate payment of a past due bill using a money order or gift credit cards. Police say the callers are also experts at gleaning personal information that can lead to a person’s identity being stolen. Police got multiple complaints about it just in the past week, according to the South Hill Enterprise.

Former teacher, businessman remembered

A former teacher and businessman from Dundas has died. Courtney Goodwin owned the Radio Shack in Blackstone before retiring in 2013. He also worked for Western Electric and taught air conditioning and refrigeration for a year at Park View High School. Funeral services will be held at Perseverance Christian Church on Thursay at 2pm. The family will receive friends at Clarke Funeral Home in Kenbridge between 5 and 7 pm Wedensday. Goodwin was 73 years old.

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