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Nottoway County’s tax base a challenge

Nottoway County could use some cash. According to the Courier Record, only about half of the 16 thousand people who live here pay taxes locally. Also, due to its relatively small geography compared to neighboring coutnies, that translates to less real estate taxes. Part of the low percentage of taxpayers is the county’s 15 percent poverty rate and that takes about 2 thousand people off the tax rolls. That, plus considering those between birth and 15 years old, there are only about 85 hundred eligible taxpayers in the county.

Bradley is Blackstone’s firefighter of the year

Blackstone’s 2015 firefighter of the year is Steve Bradley. He’s been in the ranks for nearly two decades and thinks his strong suit may be as a helpful and supportive colleague. He’s onto something because not only is Bradley the firefighter of the year this year, he was as well in 2005, one of the few two- timers. His honor was decided by secret ballot several weeks ago.

Some in Dinwiddie County want a police department

Concerns have been voiced about deputies and staff in the Dinwiddie County Sheriffs office being dismissed simply because they didn’t support Sheriff D.T. Adams during his recent re-election effort. The Dinwiddie Monitor reports Adams dismissed that claim saying “no deputies have been terminated,” and that those who were working with the department before the election are doing so now. There have been some early efforts made to look into Dinwiddie County getting its own police department, which would require a referendum asking whether a county police force should take over the primary law enforcement duties from the sheriffs office.

Victoria shooting incident still a mystery

The investigation continues in Victoria into a shooting incident that happened two weeks ago. Police say they’ve talked to several people about it but still have no arrests. Gunshots were heard around 9:30 that night around Main Street and it was determined they came from the vicinity of 6th Street and Firehouse Road. Police found an abandoned car which had bullet holes in it and other evidence. They tracked down the owner but determined he wasn’t involved in the incident.

Lunenburg math teachers get funds to improve

A grant of 23 thousand dollars will help Lunenburg County Public Schools promote professional development of the system’s mathematics teachers. The mission is to help the district’s 18 math teachers increase their subject knowledge and improve their skills in the classroom. The money comes through a Virginia Department of Education’s Mathematics and Science Partnership mini-grant competition that encouraged school divisions to submit proposals to create partnerships that would provide professional development to teachers, reports the Kenbridge Victoria Dispatch.

Hurt says he won’t seek re-election next year

Congressman Robert Hurt says he’s not seeking re-election next year. The Fifth District representative made the announcement via a written statement which reads, in part:

“When I think back on my first run for public office, I never envisioned making this a career. I ran because I believed then as I do now that every citizen should contribute in his or her own way to ensure a vibrant representative democracy. But I also believed then as I do now that it is not our elected leaders who make our country great, but it is, rather, the private citizen and the private economy that make this country great.

“And so it is with these two thoughts in mind that I look forward to returning to private life at the conclusion of my current term and declare that I will not seek re-election to Congress next year”

Flat funding proposed for agencies in Nottoway County

The Nottoway Board of Supervisors says funding will be flat for county agencies in 2016. That level holds true for schools in the county as well. The recent vote on the issue was unanimous but according to the Courier Record, two Supervisors, Gary Simmons and Helen Simmons said they oppose making such a determination now…calling it too early to take a position on next year’s budget.

Christmas tree topper taken down in Blackstone apartment complex

The tree is up in the community room at Peele Manor Apartments in Blackstone but what’s not on top anymore is the Christmas angel that residents put there initally. The Courier Record quotes the people who manage the complex as saying HUD regulations prohibit angels or stars on top of Christmas trees in common areas. So, down came the angel and up went a stuffed reindeer to top the tree. Those same officials say residents can decorate trees in their own rooms as they see fit.

McAuliffe budget released

Governor McAuliffe is out with a two-year spending plan including a billion dollar increase in education spending, small corporate and individual tax cuts, and a 2 percent raise for state employees. The governor, reports the Associated Press, is also renewing his long-shot push to convince the GOP-controlled General Assembly to approve an expansion of Medicaid. McAuliffe, who unveiled his $109 billion two-year budget proposal before lawmakers at the Capitol, said he took a conservative approach to spending that will help improve Virginia’s long-term economic outlook. Higher-than-predicted tax revenues have given McAuliffe more leeway in crafting his budget, which is the only two-year spending plan he gets to introduce during his four-year term. But McAuliffe’s ability to craft a legacy budget is limited, as Republicans control both chambers of the General Assembly.

Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over

DMV urges Virginians to “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” this holiday season – and every day. Law enforcement officers across the country – and Virginia – will be out in full force now through the New Year’s weekend actively searching for drunk drivers as part of the semi-annual crackdown on impaired driving. Eleven people died in Virginia crashes during the 2014 Christmas holiday period (December 21-25). Two of the deaths occurred in alcohol-related crashes.
Seven people died during the 2014 New Year holiday period.